1. Adding in a shoreline, rocks and more trees. Some initial color-blocking. Can see more progress so far here.

  2. A snippet of some new  work for an upcoming conference.

  3. A small chunk of the other side of the landscape.

  4. Farmland. Initial texture/lighting tests.

  5. Small sneak at what I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. This is about 20% of the entire scene. Wireframe view of entire scene also attached. (roughly 2.5 million polygons!)

    Four more huge scenes to go.

  6. I worked with the Flippfly guys to make some concept art for their new upcoming puzzle game, Hexarden. Can see the game announcement here: http://flippfly.com/hexarden/

    Some of the process can be seen here: http://bit.ly/1eQaE4C

  7. Pontoon boat on the open water.

  8. Sneak of final details. Can share full image soon, once group project is announced next week.

    Can see the entire process so far here

  10. Process shots from my Everywhere Project: Diamantina. Can see full project here.

  12. Hillside House on Flickr.

  13. Final for the Fangamer X Attract Mode group show at PAX in Seattle on August 31. More details for the show here.

    Complete process from sketch to finish can be seen here.

  14. Swimming Pool on Flickr.