1. Yule Log [Alternate] on Flickr.

    Made this alternate version for my set of two Poolga wallpapers that just went up today. Go get them! ONE /// TWO

  2. Shape Christmas on Flickr.

  3. Free shipping all week on any prints, worldwide! 


  4. Night Roadways [Poolga Wallpaper] on Flickr.

    My wallpapers just went up on www.poolga.com. Go get any/all sizes over there!

  5. One of my Kuvva wallpapers is featured on the front page of Booooooom today! http://www.booooooom.com/2012/12/03/kuvva-giveaway/

  7. Design Milk [Wallpaper] on Flickr.

    My wallpaper just went up on Design Milk today! Download any/all sizes you like over there!

  8. Just made a new iPhone 5 wallpaper of my Wander postcard: 


  9. Looking for an iPhone 5 wallpaper? I made one just for you!