1. Trees / Cabin in the woods. Can see full project here.

  2. Campfire / Palm Trees

  3. A snippet of some new  work for an upcoming conference.

  4. Remember those Hydra heads? Here’s an early shot of where they ended up.

  5. A small chunk of the other side of the landscape.

  6. Farmland. Initial texture/lighting tests.

  7. I worked with the Flippfly guys to make some concept art for their new upcoming puzzle game, Hexarden. Can see the game announcement here: http://flippfly.com/hexarden/

    Some of the process can be seen here: http://bit.ly/1eQaE4C

  8. Log Cabin WIP

  9. Made a bit more progress on the FEZ piece. Added pipes, doors, etc. Now, time for textures! 

  10. I was lucky enough to be apart of this amazing, huge project for SNCF’s 2nd year of their Engineer’s Challenge. My job was to build all of the backgrounds, sets, props and the talented teams at TBWA\Paris and DAN Paris brought everything to life with beautiful animations, dramatic lighting and stunning camera work. So happy to finally share this large group effort. 

    Can see the full project here with all 10 full level animations.

  11. I was asked to be part of this years’ Project Wisconsin. I was lucky enough to get Frank Lloyd Wright as a subject and decided to do one of his homes near Racine, WI, ‘Wingspread.’

     Original project info here. | Full process post here.

  12. Finally got this massive project up. Can see the whole process here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/Entertainment-Center-Group-Show-June-2013/13931183

  13. Made a extra little gif of some cars passing by for fun for this project. Sureify Auto Insurance illustration. 

  14. FINAL! Adjusted the lighting, added in a landing at bottom of steps and tucked stairs into the porch area around the back of the house.

    Full process here: http://bit.ly/1bZVIep

  15. Announced at CES last night, MakerBot just released some new model collections. I was fortunate enough to work on one called ‘Famous Flyers.’ Can see full project here: http://bit.ly/1eF2YzG

    Also live on MakerBot’s site here: https://digitalstore.makerbot.com/famous-flyers

    (Source: behance.net)