1. Put together a project set showing some process for my Future 52 hoverboard. bit.ly/1iq2Lkh 

  2. future52:

    Creation 08

    Hoverboard by:


    “Hot pink hoverboards might be alright for Marty McFly, but we need something a little more functional here in 2298. Our search and rescue teams have been complaining about unstable hoverboards for a while now, so these four stabilizing propulsors are going to get them off our back. Word to the wise: never start a search and rescue division, helping people is more trouble than it’s worth. //TIMETRANSMISSION_END _Bishop_Jan_2298//”

    Stoked to be a part of this fun group project, Future 52.

  3. Got the green light to offer prints of my FEZZINE piece. Can get one here: http://society6.com/turnislefthome/FEZ-Group-Zine_Print#1=45

  4. Started building a new truck.

  5. Some fun experiments for a client. (scrapped)

  6. A small chunk of the other side of the landscape.

  7. Loading up the forklift with some inventory. 

  8. Small sneak at what I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. This is about 20% of the entire scene. Wireframe view of entire scene also attached. (roughly 2.5 million polygons!)

    Four more huge scenes to go.

  9. I worked with the Flippfly guys to make some concept art for their new upcoming puzzle game, Hexarden. Can see the game announcement here: http://flippfly.com/hexarden/

    Some of the process can be seen here: http://bit.ly/1eQaE4C

  10. F-52 Sneak. A snippet of something fun I just finished for a group thing. Can share more soon.


  11. This isn’t creepy at all.

  12. Was asked by giphy to contribute to a neat group thing. This little guy will be a lenticular sticker when he grows up! 

  13. Pontoon boat on the open water.

  14. Log Cabin WIP

  15. New Work: illustrations for KapStone Paper’s new site. Can see full project here: http://bit.ly/MJ7Qez 

    (All work: © KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation)