1. Cliffs in a forest.

  2. Fez color test.

  4. Lucky enough to have some work featured in this year’s 'On Architecture' conference hosted by STRAND next month in Belgrade, Serbia at the Gallery Of Science And Technology. I was asked to submit three pieces and write up small descriptions for each. Here are the descriptions I made up, in order of images above.

    "Mass Transit" - Multiple avenues of transportation push people through the city. This scene is mainly a study in stacking cubes and blocks. Skyscrapers and train stations and portals and waiting areas. This centralized area of the city is the most interesting when viewed from above in an isometric camera angle.

    "Site Plan" - Miniature factory setting producing energy from all of the natural rock formations. It pulls water from the river to filter the electricity. The contours of the site plan help to define its purpose. Crystal blue water full of endless natural resources. Self-contained and self-run factory tubes all have their purpose. Must work faster before nightfall.

    "Palace"Power lines and stairways lead to the mansion. Mysterious shadows create fake doorways and endless entry points. Under construction is a term heard a lot around these parts. Higher and stronger. The more reinforced the structure is, the better. Permanent scaffolding seems to be quite fine with the locals. It’s a look they’re going for.

  5. Desert on Flickr.

  6. Port Harbor [Day/Night] on Flickr.

    Free 27” Apple Display + Retina wallpapers for both versions here:


  10. Asteroid vs. Black Hole [Wired] on Flickr.

    Scrapped illustration for Wired.

  11. Reindeer.