1. A snippet of some new  work for an upcoming conference.

  2. Levels 1-5 from our large group project with TBWA\Paris + DAN Paris for SNCF Défi Ingénieurs 2. (GIFs made by Louis Ansa)

    Can see the full videos here. | Can see the interactive version here.

    (*please forgive the quality, you know, Tumblr 1mb req.)

  3. Announced at CES last night, MakerBot just released some new model collections. I was fortunate enough to work on one called ‘Famous Flyers.’ Can see full project here: http://bit.ly/1eF2YzG

    Also live on MakerBot’s site here: https://digitalstore.makerbot.com/famous-flyers

    (Source: behance.net)

  4. I was fortunate enough to make an illustration for MakerBot’s new ‘Famous Flyers’ model collection. Can share more soon.

    Can see illustration in-use here.

  5. Out Of The Shire [WIP] on Flickr.

    I’m about two hours into my LOTR piece for Gallery Nucleus’ group show next month. Tons more to do!

  6. Mountain City. on Flickr.

  7. New print available - Stuntman. Loosely based on the movie, Hot Rod.


  9. Night Roadways [Poolga Wallpaper] on Flickr.

    My wallpapers just went up on www.poolga.com. Go get any/all sizes over there!

  10. Map Wars on Flickr.

  11. Roadways [002] on Flickr.

    Project now dead. Bummer.

  12. Roadways on Flickr.

  15. Mountains on Flickr.