1. Final for the Fangamer X Attract Mode group show at PAX in Seattle on August 31. More details for the show here.

    Complete process from sketch to finish can be seen here.

  2. Treasure Map v.2 on Flickr.

  3. Posted some progress sketch —-> renders for Treasure Map here:¬†http://www.behance.net/wip/223581/424377

  4. Treasure Map on Flickr.

  5. Night Roadways [Poolga Wallpaper] on Flickr.

    My wallpapers just went up on www.poolga.com. Go get any/all sizes over there!

  6. Map Wars on Flickr.

  7. Roadways [002] on Flickr.

    Project now dead. Bummer.

  8. Roadways on Flickr.