1. Can finally share some fun work I did for Hasbro earlier this year. ‘Game of Life’ + ‘Magic the Gathering’.

  2. New print - Solar System (not accurate at all) 

  3. My AD (@fokfolio) just sent me new pictures of the Kowloon Dairy work we did together. Trucks! Can see full project here.


  5. Just found out the SNCF Engineers Challenge I worked on for a few months with TBWA/DAN Paris won two ‘Silver Lion’ awards at Cannes this year! Happy to be a part of the amazing (and large) team that put it all together. They were great to work with.
  6. Wildfire - Started working on some challenging new editorial work. More soon.

  7. “Future Of Gaming” opens tonight at iam8bit. I illustrated a quote by the one and only Tim Schafer. http://www.awn.com/news/iam8bit-curates-future-gaming

  8. So excited to see some photos of my work being installed all over Hong Kong. My AD, Elaine Fok, was kind enough to send these pics. Can see more behind the web + print campaign here.

  9. Early WIP for some planet stuff. I clearly need to watch more COSMOS.

  10. Gave the RV an ’80s paint job. Print available here.

  11. Put together a little process post for the nightinthewoodsgame fan art I made earlier this week. http://bit.ly/1kfk1ih


  12. Super excited to finally be able to share this new work for Kowloon Dairy. Took about 12 weeks from start to finish and is being installed on billboards, subways and bus shelters around Hong Kong right now! (pictures of installed art coming soon)

    Check out the massive full project here with tons of process shots. And the new KD site is live also.

    Agency: Alchemy Asia / AD: Elaine Fok

  13. Seth Eckert took apart one of my truck models and animated it.

  14. Added springs, fenders, bumpers and a rear tire. Ghost view.

  15. Gave the RV a lift and added some mud-bogger tires.