1. Insanely excited to share my pieces for the upcoming iam8bit Entertainment System show opening in LA, celebrating video games from pre-1995. I was obsessed with EarthBound as a kid. I took the game [and SNES] everywhere with me to play it. This is the town of Onett from the game. Day and night scenes!

    The pieces will be available as 24” x 14” prints, signed and numbered at the show. Any leftovers will be sold online afterwards. (sold out)

    Edit: (Non-signed/numbered) prints available now! DAY / NIGHT

  2. Racetrack on Flickr.

  3. Port Harbor [Day/Night] on Flickr.

    Free 27” Apple Display + Retina wallpapers for both versions here:


  6. New print available - Cycle Charger


  8. New Prints! on Flickr.

    Been uploading a bunch of new prints to my Society6 shop lately!

  9. Icebergs on Flickr.

  10. Night Roadways [Poolga Wallpaper] on Flickr.

    My wallpapers just went up on www.poolga.com. Go get any/all sizes over there!

  11. Humbled that my ‘Low Poly [Isometrics]’ set is featured on Behance today! 

  12. Map Wars on Flickr.

  13. Roadways [002] on Flickr.

    Project now dead. Bummer.

  14. Roadways on Flickr.