2. Before I got so into 3D work, I filled up an entire moleskine. Called it ‘City Life.’ (From 2011)

    Can see the entire series here. A few available as prints here.

  3. Creative Mornings ATL - Jacob Escobedo - 09/27/13 on Flickr.

    My sketchnotes from Jacob Escobedo’s talk at Creative Mornings ATL late last year. Can see talk here

  5. Added a few new spreads to my Sketchnotes project. Can see the rest here. These were redacted in order to remain anonymous. 

  6. My sketchnotes from today’s Creative Milwaukee @ Work Summit 2013. Can see entire set here.

  7. Monster Truck Punch Buggy

  10. My sketchnotes from the 20+ talks at the 2013 99U Conference last week! 


  11. My notes from a talk today at work.

  13. 2013/02 TED - Amanda Palmer on Flickr.

    Just watched AmandaPalmer’s inspiring TED talk. Took some sketchnotes.

  14. Creative Pathways Forum @ MIAD // Faythe Levine [Sketchnotes] on Flickr.

    My notes from a lecture yesterday morning.