1. My AD (@fokfolio) just sent me new pictures of the Kowloon Dairy work we did together. Trucks! Can see full project here.

  2. New Work: illustrations for KapStone Paper’s new site. Can see full project here: http://bit.ly/MJ7Qez 

    (All work: © KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation)


  3. Before I got so into 3D work, I filled up an entire moleskine. Called it ‘City Life.’ (From 2011)

    Can see the entire series here. A few available as prints here.

  4. New prints coming soon, rendering right now. Will post in the next few days. Free S/H all week on all other prints using this link.

  5. Announced at CES last night, MakerBot just released some new model collections. I was fortunate enough to work on one called ‘Famous Flyers.’ Can see full project here: http://bit.ly/1eF2YzG

    Also live on MakerBot’s site here: https://digitalstore.makerbot.com/famous-flyers

    (Source: behance.net)

  6. Process shots from my Everywhere Project: Diamantina. Can see full project here.

  7. Just launched my new site. Feel free to take a look!


  8. Yule Log [Alternate] on Flickr.

    Made this alternate version for my set of two Poolga wallpapers that just went up today. Go get them! ONE /// TWO

  9. Added some trails, chimneys and rooftops. Now doing final lighting tests! 

    More process here: http://www.behance.net/wip/347373/663431

  10. Factory on Flickr.

  11. Just shared some of my process for this editorial illustration for Architect Magazine. Can see post here.

  12. Final for the Fangamer X Attract Mode group show at PAX in Seattle on August 31. More details for the show here.

    Complete process from sketch to finish can be seen here.

  13. Just uploaded some new unused test renders for this Xbox One vs. PS4 project. Lucky enough to be recently featured on Behance! 


  14. Using Behance’s WIP feature for the first time..


  15. Next-Gen Console War [Xbox One vs. PS4] on Flickr.

    Final illustration for Fortune Magazine about the next-gen console war. August Issue on shelves now. Can see much more on the project here.