1. Sneak 02 on Flickr.

    Can see some of the progress so far here.

  2. I worked with the Flippfly guys to make some concept art for their new upcoming puzzle game, Hexarden. Can see the game announcement here: http://flippfly.com/hexarden/

    Some of the process can be seen here: http://bit.ly/1eQaE4C

  3. Fez color test.

  4. Made a little (GoL) spinner for some fun new client work.

  5. Started working on my piece for an upcoming FEZ group thing. Can share more details soon! Can follow along with full process here.

  6. Full process post behind my DICE 2014 piece for the ‘Future Of Gaming’ group show: bit.ly/1koUZg2

  7. I was lucky enough to have been asked by iam8bit to participate in a fun group show at this years’ DICE Awards. It’s in the Arcade/Lounge area and titled ‘Future Of Gaming.’

    All artists were given a quote by a famous gaming professional. I was paired up with one from the magical Tim Schafer of Double Fine…

    "In the future, we will play games while floating naked in a tank of warm, sensory-depriving gelatin. Games will be distributed chemically, into the gelatin, and absorbed into the player’s skin. The gelatin will be Lingonberry-flavored, and the games will encourage good citizenship."

  8. Finally got this massive project up. Can see the whole process here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/Entertainment-Center-Group-Show-June-2013/13931183

  9. Another unrealized iOS video game concept from last year. Can see full project here: http://bit.ly/1bxFI3i

  10. Racing video game concepts for an iOS game that was never realized. Can see full project here: http://bit.ly/1bxC4Gv
  11. Game concept work commissioned by Red Robot Labs. The game never made it past these conceptual styleframes but it was a lot of fun.

    Can see full project here: http://bit.ly/1k0yuPm

  12. Just uploaded these day + night scenes to my Society6 store now that they’re not closed/limited prints from the iam8bit ‘Entertainment System’ show earlier this year.

    I played EarthBound for days on end as a kid. Fond memories. This was my interpretation of the town of Onett from the game.

  14. Insanely excited to share my pieces for the upcoming iam8bit Entertainment System show opening in LA, celebrating video games from pre-1995. I was obsessed with EarthBound as a kid. I took the game [and SNES] everywhere with me to play it. This is the town of Onett from the game. Day and night scenes!

    The pieces will be available as 24” x 14” prints, signed and numbered at the show. Any leftovers will be sold online afterwards. (sold out)

    Edit: (Non-signed/numbered) prints available now! DAY / NIGHT

  15. House on Flickr.