1. A scrapped illustration for a group show that I could never get right. Long live the Gamecube, though!

  2. Cliffs in a forest.

  3. Haven’t made a gif in a while. 

  4. Garden City WIP

  5. Trees / Cabin in the woods. Can see full project here.

  6. Just updated my ever-growing set of Vehicles.

  7. Night test renders for Beach Party. Took the bottom one a bit too far, more of a nightmare.

  8. Farm Truck model diagram shots.

  9. Campfire / Palm Trees

  10. Adding in a shoreline, rocks and more trees. Some initial color-blocking. Can see more progress so far here.

  11. A snippet of some new  work for an upcoming conference.

  12. Started building a beach hut for some fun new client work. WIP.

  13. Quick little gif study - “Turbine”

  14. Nathan Vella of Capy Games asked me to contribute some fan art for the upcoming SUPER TIME FORCE game. I’ve been excited for the game for a long time now. The wait’s almost over.

    Can see more detail shots and download a wallpaper for your screen over at Capy’s site. Prints available here.

  15. My buddy Teddy Diefenbach just announced his 4-player weapon brawler game. I helped with some early concept art for the main dojo level. Can read more about the game here: http://www.kyotowild.com/

    Above: Early test render / Final Day / Final Night