1. New vehicle: Delivery Hybrid

  2. Casino on Flickr.

  5. Stuff on Flickr.

  6. Flowers on Flickr.

  7. Squirrel on Flickr.

    See updated ‘Animal Kingdom’ spread here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Low-Poly-Animal-Kingdom/7494147

  9. Chicken on Flickr.

  10. Cow on Flickr.

    New animal - Cow

  11. Palace on Flickr.

    Fake palace.

  12. Toucan on Flickr.

    New animal - The Toucan

  13. Big Rig on Flickr.

    New vehicle in progress!

  14. The Weekly 30 [Workspace] on Flickr.

    I started an inner-office weekly 30-min design challenge here at work. The theme for our first week was ‘workspace.’

    Funny how quick 30 minutes can fly by. I missed my keyboard/wacom/tons of stuff.

  15. Asteroid vs. Black Hole [Wired] on Flickr.

    Scrapped illustration for Wired.