1. Monorail

  2. A scrapped illustration for a group show that I could never get right. Long live the Gamecube, though!

  3. Digging through old files. One of my first ever animation tests. 2011.

  4. Stayed up late last night. Trying to play around with scale more.

  5. tinyteepee:

    Timothy J. Reynolds

    My first Tiny Teepee submission! Theme: HITCHHIKING

  6. Garden City WIP

  7. Fortunate enough to have an illustration in the August issue of WIRED. AD - Josef Reyes

  8. Something a little different for me.. I was commissioned by Hiebing out of Madison, WI, to build out this kitchen/bathroom illustration for use in  a microsite about water usage.
  9. Can finally share some fun work I did for Hasbro earlier this year. ‘Game of Life’ + ‘Magic the Gathering’.

  10. New print - Solar System (not accurate at all) 


  12. Just found out the SNCF Engineers Challenge I worked on for a few months with TBWA/DAN Paris won two ‘Silver Lion’ awards at Cannes this year! Happy to be a part of the amazing (and large) team that put it all together. They were great to work with.
  13. Something a little different.. a recent commission for an office building visualization.

  14. Prison cell WIP - sneak for upcoming Curious Dot group project.

  15. Wildfire - Started working on some challenging new editorial work. More soon.