1. Monorail

  2. A scrapped illustration for a group show that I could never get right. Long live the Gamecube, though!

  3. Cliffs in a forest.

  4. Q: Can you share some advice on the path you took to becoming a freelancer? I’m tired of my agency job.

  5. Updated my Society6 store recently. Tons of prints available.

  6. Haven’t made a gif in a while. 

  7. Digging through old files. One of my first ever animation tests. 2011.

  8. Stayed up late last night. Trying to play around with scale more.

  9. tinyteepee:

    Timothy J. Reynolds

    My first Tiny Teepee submission! Theme: HITCHHIKING

  10. Matt from Game Paused sent me a screen of my EarthBounds pieces in the upcoming ‘Every Day Is Play’ book.

  11. After today’s events of Fiverr being so publicly awful in their ad campaign, I decided to try an experiment. Send me $5 to publicly tweet some choice 4-letter words to Fiverr and I’ll donate all of the money to American Red Cross. http://www.fiverr.com/s/5dznit

    Edit: anndddd it’s down now. But only after a handful of orders went through. (I’m sure they’ll refund the buyers. Waiting for my nasty email from them now..) - but I just uploaded a screenshot of the entire “gig” so it can live forever right here. 

  12. Garden City WIP

  13. New prints available - DOJO (day + night) http://society6.com/turnislefthome/prints?show=new

  14. Fortunate enough to have an illustration in the August issue of WIRED. AD - Josef Reyes

  15. A sneak at my ‘wildfire’ illustration in the August issue of WIRED. Should be on newsstands now!