2. Some scrapped little trees.

  3. I’ve got some words/art in this Kill Screen article published today.

  5. I promise no tutorial will ever tell you to work like I do. I’m making snowfall, the hardest way possible. 

  6. Winter forest scene WIP.

  7. Free worldwide shipping all week on any prints using this link:

  8. New work: full process for ‘Garden City’ illo in newest issue of Foreign Policy issue. 

  9. Little buildings. 

  10. My ‘garden city’ illustration in the new issue of Foreign Policy! On stands now.

  11. Monorail

  12. A scrapped illustration for a group show that I could never get right. Long live the Gamecube, though!

  13. Cliffs in a forest.

  14. Q: Can you share some advice on the path you took to becoming a freelancer? I’m tired of my agency job.

  15. Updated my Society6 store recently. Tons of prints available.